What is MycoDM?

MycoDM (Mycobial Database and Markers), is a data downloading, marker discovery, and analysis web server that was constructed to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly resource for researchers in micro- and mycobiome field. MycoDM provides a tree-view download page for the FunOMIC2 database , which consists of more than 2 million fungal single-copy marker genes and more than 21 million fungal protein sequences. A collection of mycobial markers associated with bacterial species and related to diseases, including T1D, T2D, CD, UC, and ESRD, is another highlight feature of MycoDM. Furthermore, MycoDM displays fungal-bacterial inter-kingdom interactions from thousands of associations recovered from 1146 human shotgun metagenomes. The online analysis platform allows the users to perform basic statistical analysis and visualize the results using our built-in dataset or the user-uploaded datasets. Additionally, we also encourage potential collaborators to submit the accession of their shotgun sequencing data through the submit page on our web server. This initiative would help us improve the discovery of disease markers by constantly including new samples and increasing the cohort size.

Citing MycoDM

If you use MycoDM, please cite:

Xie, Z., Martínez X., Vega-Abellaneda S., and Manichanh, C. (2023). MycoDM: a comprehensive web resource for mycobiome database downloading, marker discovery and online analysis. UNPUBLISHED YET
Xie, Z. and Manichanh, C. (2022). FunOMIC: Pipeline with built-in Fungal Taxonomic and Functional Databases for Human Mycobiome Profiling. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.csbj.2022.07.010

As well as all third-party tools used by the pipeline.

MycoDM by Zixuan Xie, Xavier Martínez, Sara Vega-Abellaneda, and Chaysavanh Manichanh is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0